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Soleil Hepner: The Self Care Expert. Speaker, Trainer, Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy practitioner (faculty) in San Diego.

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About Soleil's videos:

The people in these videos are real clients
who have agreed to be video-taped.

Though these sessions are sample
sessions - what each person is
speaking about is very real.
Because of this, some content has
been deleted for confidentiality purposes.

























Embodied Mindfulness
The Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy Method

Mind-Body Talk Therapy


Sessions for Individuals, Couples and Groups



A Physical & Emotional Process that merges Touch with Talk - the Body with the Mind - to treat, heal and enhance life.



  • Embodied Resolution of Trauma / Abuse
  • Self Empowerment during the Recovery Process
  • Getting Unstuck and out of Pain & Stress
  • Transforming Anxiety & Depression to a Life with Choice


The Benefits 

  •  Release Anxiety & Stress that has a physical component
  •  Relax Deeply
  •  Alleviate Pain
  •  Increase Awareness and Concentration
  •  Facilitate Problem-solving & Decision-making
    Overcome Self-limiting Beliefs
  •  Increase Creativity




“I found it amazingly profound; tapping places within me in one session I had never been available to me in traditional therapy. Soleil is a lovely human being that just by her presence exudes calm, peace and love.”    -- Inez Noble Black 


Complements traditional psychotherapies & physical therapies by helping to bridge the Mind-Body split. 



 Q:  What happens in a Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy session?  

 A:  Assisted postures + focused dialogue + Integration Process 


      Watch a short sample of how postures & dialogue work synergistically:



 About Sessions: What is Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy? Is it for me?

 A Testimonial: The Essence of Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy


Q:  I have pain in my body.  How does it connect to my life?

A:  Your body has recorded everything since you began. It's physical

     'edges' are a key tool for tuning in. 


             Watch as Soleil uses her back pain to get clear on a life struggle:



 Q: Do I have to be flexible or know yoga to do this work?

 A: No.  Most of Soleil's clients have never done 'yoga'. 
     Think of this work as a form of self-study (a big part of yoga), rather than 'doing
      yoga' exercise - as the Western world thinks of it today.


Watch as Soleil works with a client in a chair.




 Q: Do only women do this work?

 A:  Soleil works with men and women equally. 
        In addition, couple sessions are offered between intimate partners, friends, 
        parent-children and siblings.


Watch as Soleil works with a male client





A Technical Description

Private / Couple Sessions:

  •  Sessions use a combination of postures & meditation with the  dialogue principles of empathetic listening as described by Carl Rogers to facilitate healing through whole body awareness.
  • Clients access dis-ease via experiences of the body, through assisted postures and movement that includes touch in order to become aware of trauma at the 'edge'. 
  • Certified private practitioners, like Soleil, receive over 260 hours of residential training in yoga, the therapeutic practice, and anatomy & physiology + 9 months of supervised client sessions.
  • Soleil has been certified as a Private Yoga Therapist since 2002.



  • Soleil has 600 hours of Advanced training, certifying her to lead PRYT groups - an 8 week Educational Stress Management / Self-Mastery Program.
  • Group sessions include Meditation, Movement, and a Group Dialogue Process
  • Soleil has been Advanced Certified for Group Facilitation since 2003

Program Director & Supervision: (IAYT Approved Program)

  • Soleil has been a faculty trainer / supervisor since 2005 and is
    is currently the Program Director for the Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy school - an Approved Program through IAYT - International Association of Yoga Therapists.
  • For more about professional trainings go to


For a demonstration or discussion for you and your organization contact Soleil

Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy's Official Video from 2011. 

Voice of Michael Lee, PRYT Founder


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