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what people are saying...

"Soleil Hepner is an extraordinary person and practitioner. Immediately following my brain surgery, she assisted me through movement patterns that were so detailed and helpful. She helped open pathways my body longed for, and did so skillfully and intelligently. Soleil's expertise combines a responsive and intuitive touch, as well as body wisdom that she has built in herself and extends through her hands to others. She is sensitive, respectful and kind. An exquisite experience for anyone ready to go deeper into their body. I can't recommend her enough!"

-- Michal, Seattle Yogi and Dancer

"I appreciate Soleil’s incredible space holding for all of us in training.  Her skill and grounded confidence are palpable, this inspires such a deeply nourishing sense of trust and safety.  Thank you, Soleil!"
-- Jenelle Finch, PRYT Practitioner, Canada

"It was a pleasure to bring Soleil in for training for our counselors to learn an aspect of clinical support that is not traditionally taught in schools. The counselors who participated greatly appreciated the opportunity to learn somatic based techniques to help clients more thoroughly integrate trauma and reconnect with their bodies. I would highly recommend Soleil's workshops to learn a unique and valuable adjunct to traditional psychotherapy." 

-- Dr. Starr Mackinnon, Stepping Stones Life Transition, San Diego

“I wanted to tell you the good news. I stopped smoking! Its been almost 3 weeks and I am so happy. I know the work we did really set the stage for this, so thank you. Quitting has really opened the door to taking care of myself and it is allowing me to further resolve things I hadn't completely worked through and its showing me patterns/habits of my mind that are ready to be shed. I know you said the program is always working on you and I continue to feel like its part of my life. I use the body scan and the 20 second check-ins regularly and walk almost every day.”
-- Michelle, 1 month  after completing the 8 week program

“Participation [in the 8 week program] has opened my heart to the wisdom I have always known to be present.”
-- Seattle MD, Private Client & Stress Management group participant
"As an association who represents health care providers, it seemed to me to be a glaring error that we did not offer information or opportunities for our members to take care of themselves when they attended our annual meeting.  Working with Soleil to develop [our Self-Care] program has been amazing.  She understands our need to implement things in “baby steps”.  She is a keen observer while onsite and always comes up with a ton of new ideas for us to consider as we plan for the next year’s event.  I consider Soleil my health and wellness expert and appreciate her guidance as we create programming and a culture that reminds caregivers to care for themselves."
-- Teresa Eyet, Former Director – Education Programs, American Health Care Association / National Center for Assisted Living

“In her relaxed, easy-going style Soleil facilitated group seminars with our staff and students to help us focus on priorities and goals that motivate us to seek personal and group fulfillment and success related to our work and studies. Soleil's work epitomizes the true definition of education: "to draw out what is already inside the student" (rather than filling us up with outer knowledge and facts). During our sessions with Soleil all of us became more aware of our inner strengths and aspirations related to work and school and the importance of our individual and collective roles as they relate to the whole of the organization.   From my experience of her work, I would definitely recommend Soleil as the person of choice to facilitate group discussions to enhance group cohesiveness and effectiveness.”
-- James Schmidt, Former Director/Owner, Bellevue Massage School Center

“Soleil has helped developed my sense of stillness and ability to calm myself under stress. I am taking care of myself and am more self aware. A fantastic experience!“
-- Julie Bowen, Former Organizational Development Manager at EPA

"...this [Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy session] isn't only a  feel-good stretch in my body - but a huge  stretch to my hardened way of thinking - and this is hard as h*ll to take!"  
~~ Program Manager, Microsoft

"Soleil Hepner has partnered with THE WELL spa to offer special classes to women. Each time these workshops have been engaging and memorable. And Soleil is very easy to work with. In addition to providing workshops, she is able to offer her time to delivering private sessions so the entire time frame of her visit can be presented with a lot of options. In these two years of working with Soleil, she has added a level of quality and innovation not known before."
-- Jennifer DiFrancesco, Spa Director Miramonte Resort, Palm Spring, CA

“I am more aware of what my body is saying to me and my meditation is deeper. My “now” is made up of richer and more relaxed moments.”
-- Retired Manager, National Park Service

“The program is such a beautiful gift to yourself. I am self-employed and learning these skills, especially the, “20 second Awareness Break" has been a life-saver.”
-- Randi Carter, Owner Delicious Planet

“Soleil’s self-awareness and presence let’s her authentically connect with each participant. I was physically, emotionally, and spiritually safe with her.”
-- Seattle Psychotherapist & Professor

"Thank you for your work with me the other night, it is always so meaningful for me especially as the hours and days after our session pass.  Seems like things just come together at odd times like last night as I was driving somewhere.  I suddenly just felt so empowered in what I feel I need to do here with my home and my relationships.  And I felt such a strong sense of hope wash over me.  You always ask, "what's happening now " as a reminder to stay in the moment don't you?  Because that's all we really have, the moment, right?  It's funny how this phrase will come to me so often throughtout the days and nights.  Everything is really built around this isn't it?  I think remembering this question often helps me pause and gather more patience for what is happening.  Then patience creates a place, a space for other things to grow.  Or maybe it's more like with pausing and being patient I recognize more what is already present.  All this helps me with feeling anxious at times.  Tonight when we were having 50 mph winds and rain, I sat where I was the other night when we spoke.  I was able to stay calm, and not feel so scattered.  I didn't pace around the house feeling like I had so much anxiety and energy that I was about to go throw myself down on the roof to protect the house!  I thought about what we had talked about, and the way your voice sounds.  I appreciate so much the way you work with me, it has made me feel closer to myself, calmer about where I am, and less anxious about where I am going."
~~ email from a long-term online client 

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