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Soleil Hepner Hand on Heart Somatic Therapy Training
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2024 OCT: Weeks ONLINE

  • DATES:  4 Wednesdays October 16, 23, 30, Nov 6

  • TIME:  10:45am - 1:15pm PST (Evening in London)

  • TOPICS: See all Modules

  • COST:  $500 - EARLY REG by Aug 1 = $450


Sponsored by Yoga United in London. Register here

2025 FEB - JULYMonths ONLINE

  • DATES:  Feb - July 2025. (2/11, 3/11, 4/8, 5/13, 6/10, 7/8)

  • TIME:  9 - 11am PST, all 2nd Tuesdays

  • ONLINE:  Zoom See all SIX Topics

  • COST:  $100/module -or- $500 prepay entire series


  • PLUS 5 Group Consultations: 4th Tuesdays, 9-11am PST

Get out of the Chair & into the Body
With Soleil Hepner, C-IAYT

Somatic Therapy Educator since 2005

Hello Therapists & Teachers!

Join us for a transformative journey into harnessing the power of the body in your therapy or coaching or wellness practice. In The Somatic Session Series, I've distilled two decades of experience into a dynamic exploration of 'bottom-up' direct experiences, and offer simple, ethical, and effective tools to address trauma, pain, grief, stress, recovery, and holistic mental well-being.

What is included?
Each distinct Module has a TOPIC and includes:

  1. EMBODIED EXPERIENCE to find personal relevance

  2. DIDACTIC LECTURE on how this relates to your work

  3. REAL PRACTICE homework for your work and life

  4. COACHING & PEER SUPPORT between sessions


Since 2005, I've taught therapists, coaches, and wellness experts of all kinds how to bring the body into their client sessions. This is both a PRACTICUM as well as a THEORY course. We will experience and practice the tools to explore what is most effective for both in-person and online sessions, whether you are new to this, or already somatically inclined.

In Breath & Body,

What is included?
Each Module has a TOPIC and includes:

  1. EMBODIED EXPERIENCE to find personal relevance

  2. DIDACTIC LECTURE on how this relates to your work

  3. REAL PRACTICE homework for your work and life

  4. GROUP CONSULATION between sessions

What are the TOPICS for the 6 Modules?
Helping Hands


“It was a pleasure to bring Soleil in for training our counselors to learn an aspect of clinical support that is not traditionally taught in schools. We appreciated the opportunity to experientially and didactically learn effective somatic based techniques to help clients more thoroughly integrate trauma and reconnect with their bodies. I highly recommend Soleil's workshops to learn a unique and valuable adjunct to traditional psychotherapy”

Dr. Starr Mackinnon, Stepping Stones Life Transition, San Diego

Anatomical Model

The Top 6 for  Therapist/Coach

Here are the top 6 competencies Therapists and Coaches - those who mainly use TOP-DOWN processing - get to explore to expand your scope of practice into Somatic Therapy:

  1. Understand Somatic Principles
    Train in body awareness, mindfulness, and the fundamental principles of somatic therapy.

  2. Neuroscience of the Body
    Learning about interoception, proprioception, and the vagus nerve to understand the mind-body connection and trauma responses. 

  3. Body-Based Techniques
    Train in body scans, breathing exercises, movement practices, and how to safely guide clients through these techniques while staying in their scope of practice.

  4. Trauma-Informed Somatic Practices
    Apply somatic techniques in a trauma-effective manner, ensuring safety and benefits for clients with trauma histories. 

  5. Holistic Health Understanding
    Emphasizing the integration of physical, emotional, and mental health, considering overall wellness and life style. 

  6. Client-Centered Somatic Alliance
    Build trust, promote self-agency, and ensure ongoing consent for touch and movement to create a safe therapeutic environment.

The Top 6
Body-Mind Competencies you will learn
in The Somatic Session to ethically expand your Scope of Practice

The Top 6 for Massage/Yogis

Here are the top 6 competencies yoga teachers and massage therapists - those who mainly use BOTTOM-UP skills - get to explore to expand your scope of practice into Somatic Therapy:

  1. Understand Psychological Theories
    Learn key psychological theories such as psychodynamic, and humanistic psychology to inform appropriate therapeutic interventions.

  2. Clinical Skills and Techniques
    Train in evidence-based clinical skills such as active listening, embodied (Rogerian) dialog and trauma-effective care.

  3. Diagnostic Skills
    Develop the ability to recognize mental health conditions using standardized criteria to stay in your scope of practice. 

  4. Ethical and Legal Knowledge
    Gain an understanding of ethical guidelines and legal standards to ensure safe and ethical practice.

  5. Apply Psycho-Ed & Research
    Develop research literacy and educational skills to integrate scientific evidence into their practice.

  6. Cultural & Client-Centered Process
    Train in cultural competence and client-centered dialog to provide sensitive, appropriate, and individualized care to clients from diverse backgrounds.


Cost for 2025 Online Series

$100 each = $600 for 6
-or- Prepay Entire Series: $500

February - July, 2025   (2nd Tuesdays)

Dates: Feb 11, Mar 11, Apr 8, May 13, Jun 10, Jul 8

     + $50 off 1 private session with Soleil
     + More! 5 Monthly Consultation Groups


  • CAMFT CEs available at an additional cost through the Pain Trauma Institute here

  • C-IAYT CEs available at an additional cost here

  • Private Consultation available for an added cost

  • All Recordings available for 1 year after payment

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