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Soleil Hepner Hand on Heart Somatic Therapy Training

The Somatic Session

Get out of the Chair and into the Body
For Therapists, Coaches, and Wellness Experts

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Get out of the Chair & into the Body
With Soleil Hepner, C-IAYT

Somatic Therapy Educator since 2005

Hello Therapists!

Join us for a transformative journey into harnessing the power of the body in your therapy or coaching practice. In the Somatic Session 6-Module Series, I've distilled two decades of experience into a dynamic exploration of 'bottom-up' direct experiences, and offer simple, ethical, and effective tools to address trauma, pain, grief, stress, recovery, and holistic mental well-being.

Each distinct Module has a TOPIC and includes:

  1. EMBODIED EXPERIENCE to find personal relevance

  2. DIDACTIC LECTURE on how this relates to your work

  3. REAL PRACTICE to implement in your work and life

  4. COACHING & PEER SUPPORT to stay connected

Since 2005, I've taught therapists, coaches, and wellness experts of all kinds how to bring the body into their client sessions. Let's explore how to do that easily and effectively for both in-person and online sessions, whether you are new to this, or already somatically inclined.

In Breath & Body,

PS. Continuing Ed credits (CAMFT) may be available for therapists and C-IAT yoga therapists.

Soleil Answers
What are the TOPICS for the 6 Modules?

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Session #2 - 5: $40 per person (online)

Prepay Entire Series: $210 ($35/session)

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What supervisors say about Soleil,

"It was a pleasure to bring Soleil in for training our counselors to learn an aspect of clinical support that is not traditionally taught in schools. We appreciated the opportunity to experientially and didactically learn effective somatic based techniques to help clients more thoroughly integrate trauma and reconnect with their bodies. I highly recommend Soleil's workshops to learn a unique and valuable adjunct to traditional psychotherapy." 

— Dr. Starr Mackinnon, Stepping Stones Life Transition, San Diego

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