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The Phoenix Rising School of Yoga Therapy, an Accredited Program, offers hands-on training in a trauma-informed approach to merging the Body &  Mind in Therapy..

Soleil as Program Director teaches in San Diego, around the US & Canada

Speaker Topics


Myth of Work/Life Balance

Self-Care for Compassion Fatigue

Yoga and Emotions for Yoga Teachers

Touch in Treatment for Therapists

Stress Management for Corporate

Pain Management for Recovery

Radical Acceptance of Emotions


"That was the best, clearest seminar on self-care for compassion fatigue that I've EVER taken."

— Keifer, Director, CAMFT SD

Dear Therapist,


If you want to bring the BODY into therapy, The Phoenix Rising School of Yoga Therapy (PRYT)
is a method that merges Psychology, Neuroscience, Buddhism and Yoga.

PRYT's trauma-effective approach to “Embodied Mindfulness" uses present-focused somatic experiences with Rogerian based, client-centered, empathetic dialogue.

We now know the importance of bringing the BODY into treatment. Polyvagel Theory speaks to ways in which we need to find safety through our autonomic nervous system in order to heal and change. You've witnessed those moments w
hen your client loses the ability to talk and the mind seems to shut down.  All you have is their BODY - shaking, tense, emoting, slumped - in the chair.  How do you use what is presenting in the body as the primary tool for change and healing? 
How do you take THEORY into PRACTICE? 

This is what PRYT training is all about.

While most of us hear the word “yoga” and think of the "put-your-foot-behind-your-head" sort of fitness class – that’s not it.  Throw out the term “yoga” therapy and replace it with body or somatic therapy.

The best part is that as a certified “yoga therapist”, I’m allowed to use (boundaried) touch, movement, and postures which translate to session online and on the mat.  And I'll teach you how to do that too - even in accordance with your Licensure.

Continuing Ed available in California through CAMFT.