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Your Body is Talking.
Are you Listening?

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Soleil says, "Feel Better Now"


If you want to feel better in your body, deepen your relationships, be more alive in your work, and find purpose for your life, you are in the right place.
If you are in pain, or stuck, or stressed, or depressed, or struggling, or angry, or numb, or <whatever your word is >, you are in the right place.
If you don't know what you want but something needs to change NOW, you are still in the right place.  
You must be open to explore what is happening inside of you, if you want to change what is happening around you.

When you come to know, and accept, what makes you 'tick' - in your body, your mind, and your emotions - you can get clear and choose the right actions to change your life with purpose, direction, and meaning.


Be ready for the shift - it's going to happen fast.


> If you are a professional therapist, expand your scope of practice and create engaging workshops with my Embodied Education and Mentoring Programs.

Therapy on the Mat
   for therapy clients

Find what makes you "tick" by getting to the core of your addiction, trauma, pain, and stress, where you can access it quickly - in your body. And you get to talk, too. 


15 Minute Free Introduction

Since 2002, Soleil has merged evidence-backed, body-based buddhist practices and assisted yoga postures with person-centered psychotherapy in this trauma-effective, embodied mindfulness process.

Therapy on the Mat - be ready to transform your health, your relationships, your work, and your life.

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Therapy for








Grief / Loss

Purpose (Eudamonia)


Soleil has helped developed my sense of stillness and ability to calm myself under stress. I am taking care of myself and am more self aware. A fantastic experience!
-- Julie Bowen, Former OD Manager at EPA

"It was a pleasure to bring Soleil in for training for our counselors to learn an aspect of clinical support that is not traditionally taught in schools. It was a great opportunity to learn somatic based techniques to help clients more thoroughly integrate trauma and reconnect with their bodies.
I highly recommend Soleil's workshops to learn a unique and valuable adjunct to traditional psychotherapy

-- Dr. Starr Mackinnon, Stepping Stones Life Transition, San Diego

Workshop Topics

The Somatic Session (Series)
Dynamic Somatic Assessment

Trauma-informed Touch

Somatic Parts Dialog

Pain & Stress Management

Compassion Fatigue & Self-Care

Shift Mindfulness to Bodyfulness

When Role-Play becomes Real


Supervision / Mentor

Expand your current Scope of Practice with Trauma-informed, research-backed Embodiment 


Program Development

Expand your curriculum by merging trauma-aware psycho-education with engaging experiential facilitation, real case studies and active demos. 

Embodied Education
for therapists & educators

Learn how to use the ancient wisdom from yoga and buddhism with contemporary psychology and neurocience as your tools for Transformation for your clients, students, and leadership teams.


20 Minute Free Consultation

Soleil's 40 years of experience integrates:

  • 18 Years in Corporate Tech Management (Microsoft, Getty Images, Adobe)

  • 20 years as a somatic yoga therapist in private practice 

  • 15 years as Trainer & Mentor*

  • 6 years as Program Director*

* at the Phoenix Rising School of Yoga Therapy, one of the oldest accredited professional yoga therapy schools in the U.S.

Education on the Mat - be ready to engage in experiential programs and embodied mentoring that trains change agents to transform lives.

Soleil Hepner, C-IAYT. Embodied Mindfulness Therapy, Education, Coach, Mentor in San Diego and online
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